March 2010



Game for the World in Mexico

Article Image We recently signed a licensing agreement with a youth leadership nonprofit, Foro Jovenes con Liderazgo (FJL) giving FJL the rights to have 200 games produced by their sponsor, Stendhal, a Mexican drug company.  These games are going to be used in all 32 states of Mexico in early detection workshops.


CENSIDA, a division of the Mexican Department of Health, sponsored the manufacture of a 15 square foot version of Game for the World, seen here being played in Chiapas during the Mexican national AIDS conference.


The City of Mexico sponsored the manufacture of a large version of the game that was played during a Violence Against Women event.

Game for the World is Going Places!


We were hand-selected from over 1,000 applicants to receive the British Airways Business Opportunity Grant.  The grant includes free international flights and freight shipments which will enable us to visit organizations around the world to deliver games for which we are fundraising.  We are currently seeking donations to provide for the manufacture of 3,000 games. 

What the Experts are Saying


Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) used Game for the World in a recent Prevention Department retreat.  We received great feedback, including:


- "an efficient and effective education tool",

- "it reduces ignorance and stigma",

- "a great way to open communication around HIV and AIDS",

- "dynamic and interactive",

- "the game is great and should be promoted to schools",

- "the variety of questions really get at the wide range of emotional and factual elements that affect the spread of HIV/AIDS."